Illustrations from A Hero Rises

In order to tell his epic story, Jason Mow knew he would need epic illustrations. He wanted to help the reader visualize the Christian heros and villains from the war chapters in the Book of Mormon such as Chaptain Moroni, Teancum, Captain Lehi, and Zarahemnah in addition to new characters that are part of the story. So, Jason approached illustrator Gabe Bonilla and the rest has become part of history!

Youth and adults will be inspired by the courageous examples of Captain Moroni, Teancum, Captain Lehi and the other Christian heroes in A Hero Rises: Moroni & the Battle for Manti. These were real men, facing real challenges. They overcame adversity by obedience to God, and fought to defend their faith, families, and freedom. The exciting battle scenes and storyline will fascinate young and old readers with intricate combat details, mature characters, and emotional and spiritual dilemmas.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the blockbuster illustrations found in A Hero Rises: Moroni & the Battle for Manti—the first fine-art collection of it’s kind!