New Video: ‘R’ Family Inspired by the Captain Moroni Poster

RFamily_F7A3681-21What is a hero? The cute boys in the ‘R’ family share what they think makes a true hero! Their Mother, a preschool teacher of 15 years, shares her perspective of the importance of young minds having strong heroes to look up to, particularly the heroes her family reads about in The Book of Mormon. She also explains the importance of having visual cues such as The War Chapters hero posters up in their rooms to provide a daily reminder of heroes with the qualities she hopes her children will emulate.

Inspirational Posters of Captain Moroni, Teancum & Lehi

Beautifully illustrated posters of Captain Moroni, Teancum and Lehi can be hung by themselves or matted, framed and hung on the wall in your home. They inspire honor, courage and strength and obedience to God’s commandments. The posters were digitally, hand painted by Gabe Bonilla. The posters are part of The War Chapters Series written by Jason Mow.