Gabe Bonilla : Illustrator

sketch-lehi-sketch-for-web-1-194x300Gabe grew up in Southern California, and was one of those kids who was always doodling instead of studying. After serving a mission in Chile for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gabe enrolled at Ricks College (Now BYU Idaho) and studied art and illustration.

Gabe transferred to BYU and continued his education there, eventually graduating from the BFA program in illustration. While at BYU he met his wife, Nicole Carson, also a Southern California native and graphic designer. They formed Bonilla Design & Advertising and have been working from a home studio for the last 16 years while raising their six children.

Since BYU Gabe has worked primarily as a graphic designer, but always enjoys a chance to get paint on his fingers. He recently switched to painting digitally on an electronic drawing pad. All the illustrations for The War Chapters Series were digitally illustrated.

In his free time, Gabe enjoys anything in the outdoors including sleeping under the stars, hiking a new trail, or shooting a few targets.

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