The Story

photo-book-mockup1The War Chapters Series is an epic, fictional tale blending the compelling history found in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon with the tactical and military insight of Jason Mow. The result is an exciting series that explores the deeper meaning in the wars and struggles of both heroes and villains and provides greater insight into the sacrifices made by these Christian war heroes.

From the Perspective of a Modern War Hero.

The author, Jason Mow, himself a former Army paratrooper, SWAT team member and decorated police officer, has infused the scriptural story with a wealth of details from his own experiences in war. He attempts to help the reader understand the deeper meanings in the stories of warfare, and inspire men and women through the examples of the great heroes like Captain Moroni, Teancum, Lehi, and the stripling warriors. He challenges readers to find out for themselves why Mormon felt the war chapters were so important that he included them in the Book of Mormon.

Jason hopes that when readers complete The War Chapter Series of books that they will be inspired to really feast upon the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and ponder the question, “How can I be more like Captain Moroni?”.

A Hero Rises: Moroni and the Battle for Manti

The first book, “A Hero Rises: Moroni and the Battle for Manti”, introduces the reader to the beginnings of Captain Moroni, and how at such an early age he came to command a large army in a time of extreme national danger. We follow Moroni though tragedy, and triumph, helping all readers to gain a deeper understanding of why Mormon said of him “If every man were like unto him, the very gates of hell would shake”