Jason Mow : Author

photo-jason-186x300After serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jason joined the U.S. Army and served as a Paratrooper. He advanced through the ranks to the position of Team Sergeant for the Army’s elite Special Reactions Team (SRT). He has experience and training in joint counter narcotics operations, protective services, counter terrorism, weapons and tactics training, and deployments to hostile areas.

After the Army, Jason began work as a civilian Police Officer. Jason has worked as a patrol officer, gang detective, narcotics detective, street crimes detective, and spent several years on SWAT as an operator and instructor. He is a certified police instructor in firearms, defensive tactics, tactical driving, and patrol rifle operations. Jason has twice been awarded the Law Enforcement Metal of Honor for gallant bravery in the line of duty and was recognized as the Community Services Officer of the Year for his department.

In addition to the military and police training, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University and has graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, the U.S. State Department International Narcotics and Law Enforcement program, and the United States Army Military Police Academy. He is also POST certified police instructor.

In 2006, Jason took time off from his Law Enforcement career and worked as a Civilian Contractor for the U.S. Government in Afghanistan. He worked at the National Police Academy in Herat as the lead Instructor. Jason also worked as the personal mentor for law enforcement operations to several regional Afghan government officials. He embedded with the US Army and traveled with small specialized teams of soldiers to remote locations throughout Afghanistan.

It was in Afghanistan that the first ideas for what would become the War Chapters series began to form. After a rocket attack on his base in Herat, he turned to the scriptures and found comfort in reading about the experiences of Captain Moroni. He wrote these scenes as they played out in his mind all throughout his time there.

Jason volunteers his time and skills doing humanitarian work, conducting personal recovery operations, medical aid, and security, in response to natural disasters around the world. He has deployed to assist during Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

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