is an epic, fictional series of novels blending the compelling history found in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon with the tactical and military insight of author Jason Mow.

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Epic Novels by a Decorated Soldier

Author Jason Mow is a a decorated army paratrooper, government contractor, SWAT team leader, gang and narcotics detective, bodyguard, spokesperson, motivational speaker, mentor and business owner. He has infused these scriptural stories with a wealth of details from his own experiences with conflict, war and personal tragedies. Jason challenges all readers to find inspiration in his books and awaken the warrior spirit within themselves.


A Hero Rises: Moroni & the Battle for Manti


Teancum: The Ghost Soldier

You’ll meet Captain Moroni, and how at an early age he came to command a large army in a time of extreme national danger. We follow Moroni through tragedy and triumph as he leads his army to victory at the battle for Manti.

For the first time ever, Jason tells the compelling fictional story of Teancum, beginning with Teancum’s birth and the personal tragedy that haunted his childhood, to the pivotal moment that changed Teancum from civilian to hardened soldier.

Captain Moroni, Lehi, and Teancum come to life in this epic book series

Readers are Raving About A Hero Rises: Moroni & the Battle for Manti

“AMAZING!! My 12 year old son read it first and could not put it down. We all need a hero in our life and this book inspires us to follow the example of Moroni and stand up for what we believe in, remember what is important, and to always have faith. ”

Wendy Bone

“The most amazing story and posters to hit me and my kid’s lives!! LOVE the entire idea behind it all. Thank you!!!! I had such a fun time explaining Moroni in more detail to my children than ever before. It’s inspiring!”

Amy Gilbert

“Great book. I couldn’t help but think the author put some of his own experiences. We need more leaders, who like General Moroni who seek the Lord in their decision making. The book also how the Lord works when people are righteous in their intentions. I highly recommed the book! “

Matt Tholman